Winter plans – our contribution     
As a provider of community health services – both physical and mental – Oxleas are a key part of planning for health services across the south east London integrated care system (SEL ICS) this winter. 
For physical health services, this work includes:
• Supporting the national COVID- 19 booster and flu vaccination programmes
• Developing virtual wards to enable people to be cared for at home
• Liaising with London Ambulance Service to run an effective falls pick up service 
• Consolidation of our intermediate community beds at Meadow View Ward, Queen Mary’s Hospital
For mental health services, this work includes:
• Creating extra inpatient capacity by reducing length of stay and opening of Goddington Ward to provide 16 extra beds
• Reduce A&E attendance with crisis support lines 24/7, increasing capacity in community crisis houses and focus on home treatment
• Additional support for patients in the community and improved case management
Further information on the SEL ICS can be found here:

Warm hubs
Warm hubs have been created as free, welcoming and warm spaces for residents who are struggling. They include libraries, churches and community centres where people can enjoy some company, relax, read or work while staying warm.

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